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Galway Mayor Donal Lyons

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 18:48:09 -0400

Hi Mayor Carlton,
On behalf of the Two Menlos group, I wish to thank you, the City Council
and the City of Menlo Park for the hospitality extended to both Galway,
Ireland Mayor, Donal Lyons and Chief Executive, Brendan McGrath. The hand
extended in friendship helped to bridge the ties by and between these two world
class cities.
The Friendship Agreement signed approx. a year and a half ago envisioned a
heritage, cultural, educational and athletic connection to build goodwill,
understanding and appreciation of one another. This trip added the
important element of Economic Development. Jim Cogan and his staff deserve special
recognition in going above and beyond while presenting the best of the
best that Menlo Park has to offer. The Mayor and Chief Executive mentioned how
valuable the Tuesday afternoon tours of local companies meant to them.
It was kind of the City Manager to host a luncheon for the Mayor and to
get to know their City Manager first hand. In the days ahead, no doubt this
personal introduction to one another will yield dividends of value to both
All in all, the two days spent in Menlo Park, that is March 10-11, 2015 are
 likely to mark another important milestone in Menlo Park's history,
dating back to 1853 when two Galway, Ireland immigrants came to this area and
purchased an approx. 1,700 acre ranch, naming it Menlo Park, after what
reminded them of their home town back in Galway.
Jim Lewis
Co-Chair, Two Menlos
Menlo Park Historical Association (MPHA)
800 Alma Street, Lower Level
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Facebook: _www.facebook.com/menloparkhistorical_
Webiste: https://sites.google.com/site/twomenlosisters
InMenlo article:

"Think Globally, Act Locally"

Received on Sat Mar 21 2015 - 15:43:21 PDT

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