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From: domainremoved <Bill>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 20:44:05 -0700

Thank you for handling this difficult and critical issue.
1) If it is decided to only do the north side of Santa Cruz, I would suggest an extension of approx. 400’ of sidewalk on the south side from a mid point between Arbor and Windsor Dr. and to San Mateo Dr. There are 152 homes on Windsor, Wallea and San Mateo Dr. plus cul de sacs. It is a very nervous feeling walking down Santa Cruz with only a bike lane between you and vehicles.
2) Please do not eliminate parking between Johnson St. and San Mateo Dr. Presently these spaces are used during work days for employees who work downtown as they park up to Arbor. Also, spaces are needed for weekend
    services for Menlo Park Presbyterian and St. Raymond churches up to San Mateo Dr. In addition, parking is used during weddings, funerals and other special religious days.
3) There is discussion of removing parking spaces, installing a 5 foot wide sidewalk and adding a 2 foot wide painted buffer between cars and bicycle lanes thus using only 2’ of City property. There certainly are arguments to be
     made for that proposal, but there are doubts as to the practicality of the proposal.
     Here are the cons to removing parking: where do service trucks stop/park? Huge Recology trucks would surely block a traffic lane once a week and where do you place your recycle, compost and trash bins
     that are 32 inches wide (more than half the sidewalk). Normally people put the bins in the street, but that option is removed because it is a bike lane. Other service trucks: UPS, Fed Ex trucks are 7’ wide that will make
     them overhang into a traffic lane. These obstacles to traffic and the need for bikers to go into traffic to get around (especially those drivers that text and use their phones) can cause major injuries and accidents. Where do
     the gardeners, dry cleaning, painters, water meter and mail carriers park? Where do builders park their vehicles? (there is always someone constructing, remodeling or landscaping)
     One resident in the 1000 block informed me she has a literary group at her home once a week in the evening and is asking where will her guests park if parking is removed. What about birthday parties, social gatherings, etc
     for residences on Santa Cruz?
4) I recommend the following: Place the sidewalks on city property and do not eliminate parking. Go either in or out around heritage trees and have 6’ wide sidewalks (watch the kids walking from Hillview). Foliage also
     infringes on the sidewalks eliminating space.
Possibly the Council should table a decision until all facts are addressed. Once a decision is made and sidewalks installed, it will not be retrieved even if it doesn’t work.
Lets’ be conscious of safety for our kids and citizens over the need of making a street having better landscaping. Trees and plants can be replaced, but our citizens cannot!

Bill Frimel
1001 Windsor Dr
Received on Mon Mar 09 2015 - 20:39:35 PDT

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