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El Camino Traffic

From: domainremoved <LOUISE>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 12:12:25 -0700

I recommend adopting Alternative 1 which would provide three vehicle lanes each way on its entire length by adding one north of Ravenswood Avenue. Currently there are 5 lanes of traffic (two from Central Expressway-Alma which narrow to one for 4 blocks before spilling into El Camino at Alma), and 3 from Palo Alto. These go into 3 lanes - a bottle-neck, before going into two lanes at Ravenswood which sets up like cement and inches forward between 4-6pm. It took me 1/2 hour at 5pm to go from Allied Arts off Cambridge to the library on Ravenswood. 1/2 hour to go 3 stop lights plus four blocks on Cambridge and three on Ravenswood! If I had followed the "normal traffic pattern" of cutting behind Staples and out on to Ravenswood at the tracks, I could have shaved about 12 minutes off that time. What a traffic pattern to follow.

If businesses on El Camino need parking (and some those on the west side of El Camino between Valparaiso and Oak Grove may), it might be OK to try leaving just that one block with parking and a very long right turn lane that starts at the beginning of Round Table Pizza so cars can turn into town.

We've lived here 50 years and the ABAG requirement for our long and narrow Peninsula to add incredible numbers of new housing has put more traffic on El Camino than 2 lanes can handle. The 2-lanes in both directions Alternative is not possible with the constantly increasing ABAG requirements for housing (not to mention commercial building along both Alma and El Camino).

Thank you,
Louise Dedera
Received on Mon Mar 09 2015 - 12:07:25 PDT

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