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Sidewalk alternative for Santa Cruz Ave

From: domainremoved <Paul>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 12:55:52 +0100

Dear Council Members, Commission Members and Menlo Park Neighbours:

We live at 1105 Hillview Drive in Menlo Park. I email my comments today
because I am currently in Munich, Germany. My wife, Ingrid has forwarded to
me some recent March emails relevant to the sidewalk issue along Santa Cruz
Ave and to tomorrow's March 10 meeting.

I have read the summary report document # 6645. We support the
elimination of all parking and provision for sidewalks on both sides of
Santa Cruz Ave that are presented in the Preferred Alternative shown in
attachment F of your report (this new alternative also appears to be closer
to Alternative 7 than 3). Being at the corner of Hillview Drive and Santa
Cruz Ave, parking has been a serious problem for us over the years (we have
lived there since 1987). In the course of responding to previous surveys on
sidewalk alternatives I have had detailed discussions with Jesse Quirion
(by telephone) and Richard Angulo (in person at my home) about these
parking problems.

On parking I make two more brief comments here. It is very important to
enforce a no parking law. Residing where we do, my wife and I have seen
desperate motorists park their cars in odd places; including our driveway.
I also wish to draw attention to keeping the intersections clear (for high
visibility and safety) along Santa Cruz Ave. With no parking allowed along
Santa Cruz Ave motorists will be parking on side streets such as Hillview
Drive and Olive. Can we please prevent them from parking right up to the
edge of Santa Cruz Ave ? I think we need an open (no parking) area that is
perhaps two car lengths from where the side streets meet Santa Cruz Ave in
order to have safe, obstruction-free intersections. This policy would also
facilitate turns onto and off of Santa Cruz Ave.

I agree also with the comments recently emailed to some of you from our
neighbor, Grace Cheng at 1100 Hillview Drive. This concerns potential
disruption/damage of the sewer system lines that can be associated with
sidewalk construction. In that part of Menlo Park, we had city clean-outs
installed at our own expense years ago. Following inspection these
clean-outs were also approved and accepted for use by the Sanitary
District. First, we need to be sure that, as residents, we are not held
liable for any damage to these lines (and clean-outs) that is due to any
city construction. Second, the city should have a explicit plan to maintain
the city sewer lines in this awkward part of the system. When I had our
clean-out installed years ago, I was told that, with the
acceptance/approval of the sanitary district, we were/are responsible for
house sewer issues up to the city clean-out and not beyond it. Third, the
city should take advantage of any opportunity to upgrade sewer lines along
Santa Cruz Ave.

We will need some discussion in the future regarding
sidewalk design considerations for the part of our property that borders
Santa Cruz Ave and is adjacent to the Hillview School. In that location
there is a street drain and an AT&T service box. In that area, we do not
wish for any further encroachment (beyond the approximate two feet which is
specified in the Preferred Alternative) into the city's ROW . Perhaps this
section along our property would be treated in a manner similar to what the
Preferred Alternative has already suggested for protecting heritage trees
(and addressing other obstacles, etc...) by sacrificing the two-foot
painted buffer section along the bicycle path. This might also be a good
opportunity to have that AT & T service box relocated to a place that would
facilitate safer servicing. I have raised this issue before. We were not
consulted by anyone when that box was installed years ago. There are
frequent service vehicles parked there during the day. These vehicles are
an obstacle to cyclists and pedestrians (notably school kids walking to and
from school) and they can block the open view that we need at that

I much appreciate your consideration of my comments. I hope they are
helpful. We support your Preferred Alternative. The above highlights some
associated issues that we think are very important as we proceed to make
Menlo Park more functional, more beautiful and safer for everyone.

Best Regards,
Ingrid and Paul Bolton,
1105 Hillview Drive
Received on Mon Mar 09 2015 - 04:51:20 PDT

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