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Supervisor Joe Simitian. | C1493022

From: domainremoved <South>
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 11:42:33 -0800

Supervisor Joe Simitian

Hello Joe. I am sending you copy this to keep you in the loop. This was sent to Sergeant Alanis of the Sheriffs department earlier today and copied to public defender.

Deputy public defender: Jeffrey Dunn lied to me about the criminal charges and I was not allowed to read what was stated in the statute. I was told that I was being charged with "posting someone's personal information online that could potentially make them feel harassed".

I pled " no contest" to the "fictitious version" of the statute, thinking I may have inadvertantly violated a law, then I was arrested at Marsden hearing and Sheriff Deputies seized my court documents.

Please include this email to public record.

Thank you,
Cary-Andrew Crittenden | 650-701-3202


To Sergeant Alanis:

To be included on IA case: 2015-09 and attorney file for: C1493022.

Detective Carroll has made numerous false/misleading statements throughout  criminal complaint and report. 

Detective Carroll falsely stated that I had attended and filmed myself at "anti government" protests.  I have never attended an anti-government protest in my life.

I did attend protest opposing re election of Sheriff Laurie Smith and I was present as reporter / journalist.  Detective Carroll also opposed her re election and had "Kevin Jensen" sign in his front yard at his home in Campbell.  

There is nothing "anti government" to this protest - any more than the "Kevin Jensen" sign on Detective Carroll's front lawn.

FOX News other networks also reported this protest.

Detective Carroll also falsely stated that I spoke negatively about Mr. & Mrs. Ridge Way's "role as police officers".  Detective Carroll never presented a single example of this and I had never made a single statement to this effect as Detective Carroll claimed.

(It has been suggested however that their could be bias in refusal to prosecute Mr. Ridge Way for engaging in acts of fraud because he was former SJPD married to Sheriff Deputy)

When Mr. Ridge Way committed fraud in case: 1-12-CV226958, this was not done as " police officer".

There is also inconsistency in that Ms. Ridge way claims Mr. Ridge way testified in case: 1-12-CV226958 (Mr. Ridge way states only that he "appeared" at hearing and does not state that he testified. (This is intentional evasive and deceptive wording by Detective Carroll)

Mr. Ridge Way did not testify and he refused to sign his statement.

Submitting the statement indicates that he was willing to be cross examined. 

There was nothing harassing or of harassing nature to anything published by me in regards to the EAH Housing Scandal and the fraud that occurred.

I have openly opposed actions and policies of government, but to consider this an "anti government" stance is as ludicrous as saying "the act of voting" is anti-government.

Cary-Andrew Crittenden | 650-701-3202
Received on Fri Mar 06 2015 - 11:38:05 PST

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