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The Meeting Scheduled with Caltrain on Monday, March 23rd, at 6:30 p.m.

From: domainremoved <Sheryl>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 08:33:28 -0800

Dear City Council Members,

As you are aware, the residents of Belle Haven have expressed in various forums and on various occasions the desire to see the ballast rocks on the Chilco Street corridor removed. These ballast rocks have been an unhealthy source of dust and blight for many years. If you have seen the location, you will note that the site is immediately adjacent to Beechwood School and many residences along Terminal Avenue. Ultimately we would like to see this corridor converted into one that not only allows trains to move through the area, but one that also allows pedestrians and cyclists to safely traverse.

On Thursday, February 26th, members of the Belle Haven Public Safety Action Team (PSAT) met to discuss the meeting that will be held with Caltrain representatives regarding the ballast rock situation. During the meeting we discussed what we would like to see happen at the meeting with Caltrain. One major concern was that we do not want to sit in another meeting that does not have key decision makers present. Too much time has been spent in meetings where the information needs to be communicated though multiple layers of administration and sometimes things get lost in the translation. If there are City Council Members, major landowners, school officials, senior level City Staff and the correct Caltrain representatives in the room, chances are that solutions will be found a lot faster. We mentioned that we hope that the meeting is publicly noticed so that there is no problem with our elected officials attending.

I am aware that members of City Staff are already working on the details of this meeting as quickly as possible. Please be aware that we have requested of City Staff that the meeting be held at the Belle Haven Senior Center in order to accommodate more people in a comfortable manner. I do not know whether you have seen the questions that were submitted by the PSAT, but I have attached a PDF file with a list of the questions for your convenience.

Ideally it would be wonderful to arrive at the meeting on March 23rd in order to learn that various public and private entities have worked out a solution to this problem. The solution could be one in which Caltrain will no longer stores piles of ballast rocks in the area, there will be safe and beautiful pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, there will be the appropriate level of lighting in the area, and trains are able to move through the corridor. Such a solution would be an excellent example of the public sector, the private sector and a local community working together. Such a solution would be one of which we could all be proud. So often one group is left holding the short end of a deal. We may actually have a win-win situation if this his handled properly.

Thank you for all of the hard work you do, and I hope that this situation becomes one that this Council and City Staff help turn from a place of blight to a place of beauty.


Sheryl Bims
Menlo Park Resident
Belle Haven

Received on Thu Mar 05 2015 - 07:34:42 PST

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