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Menlo Park ... on the world map

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 16:57:35 -0500

Honorable Mayor and Council Members:
One more reason the city of Menlo Park may be deserving to be on the world
map, is due to the foresight and unanimous decision of the Environmental
Quality Commission (EQC) and the Menlo Park City Council nearly 30 years ago.
What was the decision that may, in the days ahead, bring visitors from
around the world to Menlo Park? That decision was to go forward with what is
popularly known as the GREAT SPIRIT PATH. You may ask, and rightfully so,
what is the Great Spirit Path and where is it located?
First, it is located in the 160-acre park, the largest park in the city,
known as the BEDWELL-BAYFRONT PARK, located off of Marsh Road, near Bayfront
Expressway (and Highway 101). It's like a hidden gem, a treasure, that
1,000's enjoy, seven days a week, all year long.
Second, the Great Spirit Path, is an art piece created by long time
resident of Menlo Park, Susan C. Dunlap. It took her 4 years to create,
1981-1985. It has withstood the test of time and remains to this day - for all to
enjoy. It's considered the "largest stone sculpture of its kind in the
It is worth seeing, but bring your hiking shoes. The art piece consists of
53 separate and individual rock sculptures along an approx. 3/4 mile path.
It has nearly a 1,000 stones weighting nearly 500 tons. Many of the stones
came from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Corporation (SLAC) when the mile
long tunnel was being built.
Over the years, the art piece has fallen into disrepair. I'm pleased to say
 that a public spirited citizen, with the support of the FRIENDS OF
BEDWELL-BAYFRONT PARK, the Parks and Recreation Commission (P&R C), the city
Public Works Department and a host of others, are in the process of RESTORING
IT. The project is being organized into five phases, as follows:
1) Phase 1: Republish the eight page booklet, that describes the
project, placing them in three restored "take one" boxes located at the beginning,
middle and the end of the path - DONE.
2) Phase 2: Removing and Replacing with 53 new white colored laminated
plaques, with UV protection, that names each of the rock sculptures - DONE.
Several 4x4 posts were replaced and over a dozen where straightened with
new cement.
3) Phase 3: Remove the excess vegetation, as in many cases, it had
overgrown the art piece. This phase is currently underway.
4) Phase 4: Install a storyboard at the beginning of the trail, to help
explain what the Great Spirit Path is all about, who the artist was and
related information. This will be subject to the Parks and Recreation
Commission's approval.
5) Phase 5: Once the above is done, efforts will be made to publicize
the art piece. When it first opened, the San Jose Mercury News compared it to
the Stonehenge located in England. Perhaps this art piece will become
world famous - just another reason to think of Menlo Park as a great place to
visit, work, live and play.

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