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plans for El Camino

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 19:04:06 -0800

I am a regular walker and bike rider in Menlo Park
I have a few comments about plans for the El Camino corridor under consideration.
I look forward to the addition of a bike/pedestrian crossing either over or under El Camino and the train tracks near Middle Ave. I often use the three tunnels in Palo Alto and the one in Mountain View. I would love to have similar access businesses in Menlo Park from my home on Gilbert Ave.
I believe that if Menlo Park is going to encourage people to leave their cars at home and use their bikes, we need access to Palo Alto to the south and Redwood City to the north as well as across town between neighborhoods on either wide of the rail line and El Camino with safe, designated bike paths, lanes, and routes.
there are 4 bike bridges between Palo Alto and Menlo Park, at San Mateo, Alma, Willow Way, and Pope Street. While one can use them to access roads in Menlo Park, none of them connect to bike routes or paths across town
I think a good bike route or path that parallels el camino is a fine idea, something similar to the Bryant Street Bike Boulevard that crosses Palo Alto from Menlo Park to Mountain View. There is no easy way to ride north to south now. Alameda de las Pulgas has a bike lane that crosses Menlo Park from Stanford/Palo Alto to Redwood City. It is an upsy downsy road, and an uphill ride to access it from El Camino.
 One can continue on San Mateo after crossing the bridge, but only as far a Valparaiso when the large school campuses block the way north. A bike route behind the Stanford property is not much improvement on the existing route on San Mateo.
 From the Willow Way bridge, Laurel goes part way, then one is forced to choose between El Camino and Middlefield.
The Pope Street Bridge connects to Gilbert Ave which dead ends at Santa Margarita.
Bay Road has some possibilities, but, like Alameda, is not close to El Camino.
 I don't know how one could create a bike boulevard across town that parallels El Camino without going quite far either east or west. It would take some construction, I think. Which brings us back to adding a safe bike lane on El Camino.
We do have a functional bridge over 101 which allows access to the east and west of town. I cannot speak to those routes as I use them only occasionally. Perhaps this route is not part of current planning for El Camino.
Elizabeth Watson-Semmons
Gilbert Ave, Menlo Park
Received on Fri Feb 13 2015 - 18:59:07 PST

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