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Improving internet connectivity options in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <👾>
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2015 11:25:01 -0800

I’m exceptionally interested in what the Menlo Park city council is doing to address the poor state of internet connectivity in Menlo Park. I’m in the second day of a neighbourhood-wide Comcast outage (which by their estimate will continue for at least another day). The third such outage in as many months.

ISPs such as Google and Sonic have expressed interest in expanding genuinely competitive broadband offerings in the peninsula & south bay area, and have even named a few neighbouring cities - such as Palo Alto. I wonder if the Menlo Park city council has been engaged with these companies to try to attract their focus to Menlo Park instead, or at least as well?

I’ve long been unimpressed by the lackluster offerings in Menlo Park, which seems to consist of just Comcast Cable plus a handful of miscellaneous, slow DSL providers (plus a few severely bandwidth-capped and reception-challenged wireless providers). And the FCC now officially concurs that Comcast Cable maintains a complete monopoly on broadband internet access, at least in my part of Menlo Park. This is not a healthy state of affairs. Their lack of so much as even an insincere apology, for repeated neighbourhood-wide outages, says a lot about their competitive motivations - or lack there-of.

Other than corresponding with my city council, I’m wiling away this unscheduled offline time by catching up on some old fashioned book reading, and looking at real estate offerings in other cities, like Palo Alto.

Yours sincerely if frustratedly,
Received on Sun Feb 01 2015 - 11:19:49 PST

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