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Santa Cruz Av.

From: domainremoved <David>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2015 19:26:05 +0000

I can't agree more with Lee's note below.  Downtown is a 'sleepy' place compared to the other cities listed, and we usually look to these other cities when going out for dinner.  Would be great to transform Santa Cruz in a similar way.  Can we pedestrianize it?
Regards,David Tucker, Resident

Re-imagining Santa Cruz AveHappy New Year Fellow Residents,Is 2015 the year to Re-Imagine Santa Cruz Ave?  Should the CityCouncilbe putting the issue on this year’s priority list?   I Imagine a Santa Cruz Ave that has 2 and 3-storybuildings with apartments above and trendy retail stores and restaurantsbelow.Trendy furniture, trendy home décor items, trendy cook ware, and trendymore,in addition to the few great stores there now. How about a children’sclothingstore to complement Cheeky Monkey?   Mountain View, Burlingame, San Mateo, have recreated themselvesandMenlo Park can, too. Los Altos which has a population identical in size tooursis one happening place (and does support the Build it Again with Bricksstorethat we unfortunately lost).  But first we have to buy into a dream, and then take action tofacilitate it.  Are you up for this idea? What do you Imagine for Menlo? Andshould theCity Council provide a venue for us to refine the dream?  Thanks, and please let me — and the City Council know. (city.council_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Wed Jan 07 2015 - 11:20:16 PST

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