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Re: Re-imagining Santa Cruz Ave

From: domainremoved <Ted>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2015 02:05:01 -0800
Hi Lee,

Sounds real trendy.  In the meantime, how about getting the city to
repave the parking lot between Trader Joe's and the backs of the
stores along Santa Cruz Avenue?  Every time I roll a shopping cart
from TJ's to my car I'm deafened by the sound of the wheels rattling
across what amount to cobblestones.  That lot hasn't been repaved
since Jimmy Carter was president.  Vibrancy?  That would be a

Often I'll choose to shop Trader Joe's in Palo Alto's Town & Country
even though it's slightly farther from the Willows (about the same
driving time because, as you pointed out in an earlier email, Menlo
Park is dissected into at least three distinct towns in a way no other
S.F. peninsula city is), just so that I can roll my cart to my car without
having my hearing assaulted.

Attention to this sort of detail makes a lot of difference.  If I want
trendy, I have lots of places to go.  If I want good service in com-
fortable venues, rather than the now-you-see-it-now-you-don't
experience of P.A. University Ave. or the ground-glass sidewalks
of the ever-so-trendy California Ave. with its screwed-up parking,
I can fight my way across Middlefield and El Camino to Santa
Cruz Avenue as it is today.  I'm happy to support our local shops
like Village Stationers rather than driving to Office Depot/Max in
EPA or Redwood City, even though they cost more.

I wish the council could see value in the small-town Main Street
feel of Santa Cruz Avenue today.  We don't need to Walmartize
it, and we don't need a bunch of overpriced flavor-of-the-month
shops flickering in and out like holiday lights.  A Jamba Juice
would be nice from my personal point of view.

Happy New Year!

// Ted Syrett

P.S.  Los Altos absolutely does not suffer from Menlo Park's
geographical problem.  It's all on the west side of El Camino.
So comparing the two cities makes little sense.  Also, Los
Altos generally is more upscale than Menlo Park; if I weren't
up past my bedtime I'd try to compare median home prices
in the two cities.  But just driving around over the years, I
know what I've seen.

-----Original Message-----
From: Menlo Park's Future Sent: Jan 6, 2015 11:40 PM
To: Menlo Park's Future Subject: Re-imagining Santa Cruz Ave

Re-imagining Santa Cruz Ave

Happy New Year Fellow Residents,

Is 2015 the year to Re-Imagine Santa Cruz Ave?  Should the City Council be putting the issue on this year’s priority list? 


I Imagine a Santa Cruz Ave that has 2 and 3-story buildings with apartments above and trendy retail stores and restaurants below. Trendy furniture, trendy home décor items, trendy cook ware, and trendy more, in addition to the few great stores there now. How about a children’s clothing store to complement Cheeky Monkey?  


Mountain View, Burlingame, San Mateo, have recreated themselves and Menlo Park can, too. Los Altos which has a population identical in size to ours is one happening place (and does support the Build it Again with Bricks store that we unfortunately lost).


But first we have to buy into a dream, and then take action to facilitate it.


Are you up for this idea? What do you Imagine for Menlo? And should the City Council provide a venue for us to refine the dream?


Thanks, and please let me — and the City Council know. ( 

Lee Duboc ( 


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