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RE: Concerns with new General Plan draft Guiding Principles

From: Mueller, Raymond <"Mueller,>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:15:44 -0800

Dear Ms. Fergusson:

There you go again.

Instead of tossing inflammatory grenade emails, consider coming to join us at the meetings to collaborate. There have been numerous meetings occurring where the current principles under consideration were drafted by residents of Menlo Park. We spent quite a but of time refining the principles last evening. I really hope you will consider joining us, as opposed to mischaracterizing what is occurring for self serving political soundbites.

With best regards,
Ray Mueller

From: Kelly Fergusson [kj_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2014 7:06 PM
To: _CCIN; _Planning Commission
Subject: Concerns with new General Plan draft Guiding Principles

Dear City Council and Planning Commission,

Please allow more time for public input on the new proposed General Plan guiding principles. A lot of excellent community work went into the 1994 General Plan Principles, and they contain important community values and protections that are not captured in the newly-proposed General Plan Principles. For example, the 1994 Principles include the following:

“Minimizes traffic congestion on city streets and limits through traffic in residential neighborhoods through sound land use planning.”


“Maintains and enhances the residential quality of life in the city by emphasizing development which has a human scale and is pedestrian friendly.”


“Minimizes the adverse impacts of development on the city’s public facilities and services.”

The newly-proposed General Plan Principles do not capture these values and protections of our residential quality of life. And a single community meeting on December 18 is not sufficient for adopting new development principles that will cause such a significant change to the character of Menlo Park.

Thank you for your consideration.
-- Kelly Fergusson
    Former Mayor
Received on Wed Dec 10 2014 - 13:13:00 PST

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