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Council responsibilty and accountability

From: domainremoved <George>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 12:38:30 -0800

Please do not hide from the Malcolm Smith issues re the City Measure M web
site on basis you had no knowledge of his activities. My communications to
you of August 10, October 8, and October 27 plus the following oral plea
that you investigate and control staff with respect to the Measure M
website gave you more than adequate cause to investigate the website, its
accuracy and background. I told you that Staff knew all non residential
impacts were not treated the same. It appears they may not even have been

you apparently ignored my plea and doubled down both on the Specific Plan
and the Web site. City council has exercised very little supervision or
due diligence with respect to either the Specific plan or misleading
opposition to measure M on city website. No due diligence appears to have
been done with respect to Stanford's intentions re development of its site,
before relying on the Specific Plan illustrative site for both the EIR and
the Fiscal Impact Analysis. Council member Keith noted during the Stanford
discussions that staff had not alerted Council to the provision
accompanying a car driveway adjacent to the Bike route and Plaza. Time to
step up to your job and make necessary corrections and start supervising.

Mr Stepanicich's one paragraph rejection of demand for retraction because
some things were said about problems of too much office space and therefor
impartial is not acceptable and you should not do so.

Here is my October 21 plea to you to get control of staff re Measure M

Please arrange for immediate production of all Smith's bills, content and
interactions with Staff. What was the basis for paying him? Was their a

George C. Fisher
​1121 Cotton Street
​Menlo Park CA 94025​
(650) 799 5480
Fax (650) 475 1849
Received on Mon Nov 03 2014 - 12:33:51 PST

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