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Chamber Position on Measure M

From: domainremoved <Menlo>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 14:31:19 -0400


Measure M

We all share a common vision for Menlo Park as a vibrant residential and business
community. Some believe that through a pending Ballot Measure, blight will be banished,
traffic growth checked and development size constrained. However we disagree with
these claims:

* Measure M does not change the size of development
* Measure M does not reduce new building size
* Measure M does not reduce traffic
* Measure M will encumber the local legislative process

Measure M does not reduce any new building size or the total amount of development.
It seeks to reduce the amount of potential new office space that could be built
without specifying what will replace it. This arbitrary change will lead to unintended
consequences. We are opposed to Measure M because these changes risk losing the
balance that was so carefully crafted in the Specific Plan that we all helped create.

Click here for the full text of the Chamber's Guest Editorial in The Almanac » [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001i5qH32bBFAswUTkLs5frC2g-nkeHY1svLHIkC4gtGlqtf1xdiRbEjU9LCcoo5MaEwYRO6JYPhhNhAfwYhySME5oCEiOMBhaiWw1Csc0EqQCvssVaxtJCKRCrYjZ3vqmlGNyd0KS2vFVrleVdmkW8PEPXfflRmckHjVvzupE2C91ArGfWytomVgUkVaGOljwpuxEB0ocVIaRiTcGsP5KGpZRdSLjhbbLGnAVKeWgle14ewXJ0g_5SGNX0qeWanEBZlYd4f01aeMNuTCe9oJ-VOy38FXD74TXaZqFb-OjMDBY=&c=cAK4_plYXbDB7X-9WNwnVIx4aUv-sk22YB3VKZtpBztnp1xEIwo2Og==&ch=w0PV8gJ0z0qJS7mxprRWI_i2UULfDzpbTpbMSXllzykNkU6z8t63lA==]

The Almanac, The Daily Post, The San Jose Mercury News, The San Mateo Times and
now the Daily News are unanimous in their recommendation:

NO on Measure M.

The Almanac: Editorial endorsement: No on Measure M

When they vote on Measure M this fall, Menlo Park residents will be participating
in what may be the most consequential ballot-box decision ever made regarding the
future character of their community... Will Measure M address your concerns over
 increased traffic and building mass along the El Camino corridor? The answer, in
our opinion, is no. Read the full article » [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001i5qH32bBFAswUTkLs5frC2g-nkeHY1svLHIkC4gtGlqtf1xdiRbEjU9LCcoo5MaEpaMixB5sH4d6GRdRWxwnOFBanp6BatQsV18lIGMQxC1unsyJFk2-ODCkbPYph8hz4Ivtr4Op6PhIoRUp6gY6CDVSlvyYmSIAwKzRt-NpwXE7cbdMHctdrGdU8jv7o7wGnQW2iSbnM1zKq-cxXx_GOzrxkH18mVvPg4yV1N97I10TALYFZNyNQfZ08xaTkyQ8p5bu-nniwEw=&c=cAK4_plYXbDB7X-9WNwnVIx4aUv-sk22YB3VKZtpBztnp1xEIwo2Og==&ch=w0PV8gJ0z0qJS7mxprRWI_i2UULfDzpbTpbMSXllzykNkU6z8t63lA==]

San Jose Mercury News: Menlo Park Measure M is a Disaster

Menlo Park's Measure M is a sour-grapes anti-growth measure that will keep the city's
stretch of El Camino Real -- the Royal Road -- a royal dump. Vote no. The City Council
spent years, including endless hours of public meetings, drawing up a plan to create
a well-designed urban area with public amenities on the ugly El Camino corridor.
 Residents who weren't happy with the result qualified Measure M for the ballot,
 ostensibly to limit the amount of office space and traffic. But the poorly drafted
measure only will make it more difficult to change El Camino for the better.

Read the full article » [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001i5qH32bBFAswUTkLs5frC2g-nkeHY1svLHIkC4gtGlqtf1xdiRbEjU9LCcoo5MaEafVbS-nG9ZVVX60NChAKdXL7IbW0ob6yE7j8mrpXcrDt8698XIcQlENLwM1STY4pgeMu8wMkowg4z57Njsu0c7Ruci9fgIcOH2gxVwXXkMJ5aOqe8vDi6W0dydCJ1xp8ed9mk3byz9DSd1xdj9xKv98ZNGJAblQvQkQ4nzSu2-XVmGQBZ4vM8MmUZTSxy4FXi_bus6ltTWc=&c=cAK4_plYXbDB7X-9WNwnVIx4aUv-sk22YB3VKZtpBztnp1xEIwo2Og==&ch=w0PV8gJ0z0qJS7mxprRWI_i2UULfDzpbTpbMSXllzykNkU6z8t63lA==]

Measure M does not solve anything; it creates confusion, delays and ballot box zoning.
For these reasons, the Chamber position is NO on Measure M.


1100 Merrill Street

Menlo Park, CA 94025


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