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Our secret is out...

From: domainremoved <Peninsula>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 19:02:16 -0400

The secret is out...
Our 2014 Annual Report is here!

[image: click here to read the report] <https://bbox.blackbaudhosting.com/webforms/service/page.redir?target=http%3a%2f%2fonline.flipbuilder.com%2fjgkx%2frnhb%2f&srcid=67065&srctid=1&erid=3064665&trid=96417ff6-96a1-402f-81d3-f8b7f26da604>
Peninsula Family Service has undergone tremendous growth over the past year thanks to your support. W e are incredibly excited to share our 2014 Annual Report <https://bbox.blackbaudhosting.com/webforms/service/page.redir?target=http%3a%2f%2fonline.flipbuilder.com%2fjgkx%2frnhb%2f&srcid=67065&srctid=1&erid=3064665&trid=96417ff6-96a1-402f-81d3-f8b7f26da604>with you and the rest of our stakeholders who made the successes within it possible.

Behind each story of accomplishment stands a person whose dedication to Peninsula Family Service made that life-changing program possible. That person is you. From the auxiliary members who raise vital funds and awareness, to the volunteers who give their invaluable time, to the community partners and donors whose investments create strength and sustainability, you will find your impact illustrated through the moving quotes, photos, and stories that comprise our Annual Report.

From all of us at Peninsula Family Service, thank you again for inspiring our organization to continue innovating, adapting, and expanding to meet the needs of our community!


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Received on Thu Oct 16 2014 - 16:02:16 PDT

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