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Message from VAPAHCS Director Lisa Freeman

From: Hill-Jackson, Michael <"Hill-Jackson,>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 14:25:10 -0700


Dear Elected Officials and representatives,


We wanted to share th-e-- message from VAPAHCS Director Lisa Freeman
regarding her return to VA Palo Alto in November.


-VA Palo Alto Health Care System Public Affairs




Dear VAPAHCS staff and VFC members,


I sent the message below announcing the arrival of my replacement in V18
as Acting Network Director in mid-November.


I am so grateful to the entire VAPAHCS leadership team who have
continued our journey of continuous improvement so seamlessly in my


I have never been more appreciative of all of you and the work we are
privileged to perform together for the benefit of our Veterans.


Thanks and appreciation to you all - and so looking forward to seeing
you soon.


Lisa Freeman





Dear V18 staff and colleagues,


As many of you know, my detail as the Acting VISN director was for 120
days. This has been the most eventful and challenging time of my 31
years in VA. It has been a whirlwind of activity - Acting Secretary
visits, Secretary visits, a House Veterans Affairs Committee field
hearing, site visits - all amongst the day to day work that needs to
done to care for the 250,000 Veterans who rely on us for their health
care. I have been impressed with resiliency the staff in the V18 office
and facilities have shown during some incredibly difficult and dynamic
times. Thank you.


VA has announced that Ms. Kathleen Fogarty, Director of the Tampa VAMC,
will replace me as the Acting VISN Director, after my departure November
7. She is an incredible leader who will continue the great work we have
done together. Please give her the same support you have shown to me.


We have laid the groundwork for some new processes and plans within the
V18 office and have identified the critical issues to address at V18
facilities in FY15. I know Ms. Fogarty shares my passion for Veteran
centered care, continuous improvement and excellence. She will continue
this work with you into the new calendar year.


Thank you again for all you do each day for our Veterans. I look forward
to our work together over the next month and continuing to learn from
all of you.


Lisa Freeman



Elizabeth Joyce Freeman

Acting Network Director, VISN 18

335 East Germann Road, Suite 201

Gilbert, AZ 85297

480-397-2770 (phone)

480-397-2775 (fax)




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Received on Fri Oct 10 2014 - 14:20:49 PDT

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