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City Council Meeting Item #D-2-2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP)

From: domainremoved <Niño,>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 13:50:44 -0700

Dear Ms. Rorapaugh

I have reviewed your questions raised concerning the entering into an agreement with EKI to perform the State requirement to develop the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan. Below underlined in red is the response to each of your questions.

1) Attachment A. EKI Scope of Services seems incomplete. The document there,
titled "3 SCOPE OF WORK AND SCHEDULE" seems to an excerpt of a larger
document, and in fact makes references to what appear to be other sections
of such document. I think before the Council agrees to authorize agreements
we should see the document in its entirety.

The Scope of Work attached to the Staff Report is the scope in its entirety. It originated from the EKI proposal that staff received that also included EKI's staff resumes and previous experience. We normally extract the scope and attach it to the agreement. If you would like to see the complete proposal contact me and I can show it to you.

2) Concerning what is available of the document, EKI does not make a clear
distinction the City and the MPMWD using phrases like "Current water usage
suggest that the City is on track to meet is SB 7 targets." Since the City of
Menlo Park is serviced by other water districts, and the UWMP will be
specific to just MPMWD, this type of statement can be confusing. Does it
refer to all the water districts that service Menlo Park or just the MPMWD?

Every water supplier that provides water to more than 3,000 connections must develop its own Urban Water Management Plan every five years. The MPMWD's Plan will discuss other water districts that provide water to MP residents; however, the focus of the document is on water demands and water supplies for the MPMWD service areas.

3) EKI assumes it will only prepare one Administrative Draft UWMP rather than
two as requested in the City's RFP. (Item Task 6 -prepare and submit on
administrative Draft UWMP). This does not seem wise to me for a myriad of
reasons. Were there any candidates who fulfilled the City's RFP
requirements? Maybe Staff should look at them again.

EKI has extensive experience in developing UWMPs, and they've found that their approach to holding several City Staff Working Meetings, and holding a City Council Study Session prior to preparing the public review draft UWMP, alleviates extra steps or the need to provide a second administrative draft. One of the reasons that staff chose EKI, as stated in the staff report, was EKI's approach, and the fact that it makes wise use of City staff time. The RFP that staff developed provided a scope with tasks; however, consultants did have the ability to provide a different approach if they felt it would be beneficial. Staff felt that EKI's approach was better than the tasks laid out in the RFP, thus the reason for their selection.

4) Over all, the EKI document outlines a process is little Public input in
preparing the a Draft UWMP, is a little optimistic imagining that public
comments will be so limited that no changes to the Draft UWMP will be
required and a second public hearing will not even be needed.

Urban water suppliers are required by the Urban Water Manage Planning Act to
encourage active involvement of the community within the service area prior to and
during the preparation of the UWMP. The EKI proposal does not seem to reflect any
encouragement of active involvement of the community during the UWMP

As required by the UWMP Act, City staff "shall encourage the active involvement of diverse social, cultural, and economic elements of the population within the service area prior to and during the preparation of the plan." In previous plans, staff reached out to over 100 groups, organizations, large water users, HOA, Districts and Cities during the development and adoption of the UWMP (see Table 1.2 on page 1-3 of the 2010 UWMP), and staff will do the same for the 2015 UWMP.

If you have any further questions give me a call.


Ruben Nino
Assistant Public Works Director
Received on Tue Oct 07 2014 - 13:46:13 PDT

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