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Council Meeting Date: October 7, 2014 Staff Report #: 14-176 Agenda Item #: D-2 Agreement with Erler & Kalinowski, Inc. to Develop the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan

From: domainremoved <Roxanne>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2014 23:28:30 -0700

Dear City Council,

Before hiring any firm to develop our Urban Water Management Plan, Menlo Park should be informed of any possible conflicts of interest and the parts of the consultants we are hiring. Are any of the employees of EKI, or any of the firms' owners/principals members of the Sharon Heights County Club and Golf Course? If so, who are they and what assurances can EKI give us that will not influence the plan in evaluating any potential irrigation wells being built that will supply water to SHCCGC, or any other plans regarding the water usage by SHCCGC.

The member list for the SHCCGC is private I imagine, but the City should be able to ask EKI directly, if they can not provide this information I would ask that the Council vote against this this agreement for now until the question can be answered. If there are employees/associates of EKI who are also members of the country club, I would ask the Council vote against the agreement for now and look for another consultant, or at least have a public hearing regarding the possible conflict of interest there might be.

Thank you
Roxie Rorapaugh
885 Sherman Ave
Menlo Park
Received on Thu Oct 02 2014 - 23:24:25 PDT

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