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release of 500 El Camino traffic study

From: domainremoved <Heyward>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 19:14:06 -0700

On Friday, the City sent out a press release announcing that the long
awaited traffic study for 500 El Camino would be released on Monday.
The contract for this study was approved by the City Council in August
of 2013. The study had three parts was to have been completed in 8-10
weeks. Phase one was released in March 2014, phase two in May 2014.
Now, over 13 months since the contract was approved, the City finally
will finally release phase three and the details of neighborhood cut
through traffic generated by the proposed Stanford project.

But by sending out a press release without the actual report, the City
teases residents with even more delay. Why not release the report on
Friday, when its ready? What could possibly justify this delay? As the
City is well aware, the results of this study are quite germane to
Measure M. In allowing the City Council, all of whom are actively
campaigning against Measure M, to see the report before "mere"
residents, the City gives Measure M's opponents a head start on
analyzing the report's details and conclusions. In a hotly contested
election, even a few days can make a big difference.

This appears to be yet another example of the City taking sides in the
debate over Measure M. Although not surprising, its very disappointing

Heyward Robinson
Menlo Park City Council 2006-2010
Received on Sat Sep 27 2014 - 19:09:50 PDT

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