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Sign Ordinance

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 01:12:01 -0400

Do we need to update the sign ordinance in Menlo Park, both on Santa Cruz
Avenue and along the Grand Boulevard (El Camino Real)?
Food for thought.
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New Sign Ordinance Aims at Reducing Blight

9/24/2014 Economic Development, Community Planning, Agriculture

​Signs posted high up require extra equipment and cost to remove

​Ever been bothered by signs plastered on street corners or blocking your
view of the road? With the approval of a new ordinance, County departments
will have a new tool to end the visual blight of illegal signage. The Code
Enforcement Division of the _Department of Community Development_
(http://www.development.saccounty.net/Pages/default.aspx) will start issuing
citations for unapproved signs on private and public property to ensure that
community standards of health, safety, and property preservation are met.
The new regulation, effective September 23, stems from concerns raised by
residents and businesses about the proliferation of unsightly signs being a
public nuisance and potential traffic hazard.
“Our goal is to stop the posting of these signs once and for all,” said
County Executive Bradley J. Hudson. “This will help deter blight, revitalize
area and convey the message that unsightly signage is not welcome here.”
Because the State designated such signs as a public nuisance, Code
Enforcement and the Department of Transportation have historically removed these
signs on publicly owned property, with no penalty to the violator. Often
times the violators are out-of-town businesses that drive through and post
signs at night, often high up on poles that require extra equipment to remove,
all at a cost to taxpayers.
“With this new ordinance, we’ll have the ability to pursue violators –
businesses that post signs on street corners, utility poles, and fences --
through fines and administrative penalties,” said Carl Simpson, Chief of Code
The County will be required to give the violator notice and a reasonable
amount of time for correction. If the violator does not remove the signs
within the designated period, monetary penalties could be assessed.
SMUD has positively weighed in on the new ordinance while Chambers of
Commerce and Property and Business Improvement Districts have stated that they
intend to inform their members that any signs within the public right of
way are not permitted.
Prohibited signs include:
    * Portable A-Frame signs
    * String pennants
    * Flags other than the flag of the United States, State of
California, and approved government agency or registered non-profit organization
    * Signs on fences or utility poles
    * Feather flags

Visit the _Code Enforcement website_
(http://www.code-enforcement.saccounty.net/Pages/default.aspx) or contact the _County Planning Section_
(http://www.per.saccounty.net/Pages/default.aspx) at 916-874-6221 for more
information about permissible signs.


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