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mosquito fogging

From: domainremoved <Cherie>
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014 18:40:38 -0700

Dear City Council Members,
When Palo Alto seeks to notify residents and the surrounding
communities about something that concerns us all, they use a voicemail
system. Iíve received such voicemails about relevant matters several
times in recent years.
I believe that is a far more effective way to reach people than
sending out emails when notifying people of a hazardous situation, or
emergency, etc. Though emails are better than nothing.
Speaking of which, the city didn't even use Nextdoor Menlo Park to
notify residents about the recent spraying of much of West Menlo with
a toxic pesticide to kill mosquitoes. We were never notified by the
This happened in summer when people keep their windows open at night.
People with pets would have brought them inside. Families with babies
and/or frail elderly folks might have spent the night elsewhere. All
of us would have closed our windows.
Why were we not notified this was planned?

Why were we not given the day and times of the spraying?

Why did the city only send out an email to residents a day or two
later, after the fact!


Cherie Zaslawsky
Received on Tue Sep 02 2014 - 18:36:46 PDT

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