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tonight's comments on Lisa Wise report

From: domainremoved <Heyward>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 22:16:14 -0700

I'm following up on this evening's public comment.

I have several questions about the "new" report, some of which I asked
during public comment. Since the item was not pulled form the consent
calendar, none of my questions, nor those of Ms. Fry, were asked of staff.

1) The scope of work has a single primary task:
"Task 1. Response to Save Menlo Group Comments
LWC will prepare a detailed written response to the Save Menlo group’s
(dated July 31, 2014) on the Ballot Measure Impact Analysis."
Numerous other comments about the report have been made including my
email of July 20 and the Tom Brohard analysis of the traffic portion of
the LWC report. Will these comments also be addressed?
2) How will the information in the new Wise report be disseminated?
3) If corrections need to be made to the original Wise report, how will
these be incorporated? Will the report be revised or amended?
4) Since the 30 day period for accepting a ballot initiative impact
report has passed, can the original Wise report be changed at all?
5) If the original report cannot be changed, why is the City spending
money on another report?

My wish is that the Wise report could be revised to correct its
deficiencies of fact and presentation. My concern is there is neither
the the will nor means for this to occur. I hope that I'm wrong and
look forward to a reply to my questions.

Heyward Robinson
Menlo Park City Council 2006-2010
Received on Tue Aug 19 2014 - 22:12:51 PDT

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