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Proposed well by Sharon Heights Golf Club

From: Lydia W. Lee <"Lydia>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2014 21:34:13 -0700

Dear City Councilmembers,

As you ponder this proposal, I'd like you to know that there are some
citizens who think that installing a private well could be a good thing if
there is some public benefit gained. I understand that many people (myself
included) have a visceral response to privatization of public assets. But
it sounds like the well could be a beneficial public/private partnership. I
hope that you have the chance to negotiate a deal on the city's behalf; it
seems a shame to reject the idea outright because of public pressure.


Lydia Lee
Menlo Park resident
Received on Tue Jun 03 2014 - 21:31:56 PDT

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