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Support for Sharon Hts G&CC well proposal

From: domainremoved <Roger>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2014 19:01:42 -0700

After some of the public discussion about the well proposal I got a copy of
the Public Works report "Information on the City’s Water Policy, Including
Sources, Uses, and Conservation" and read it thoroughly. I had no opinion
on the matter before but wanted to see what all the uproar was about.

I do not golf, nor do I live in either Sharon Heights or near the proposed
well sites.

My conclusion: this is a win-win for both Menlo Park and the Sharon Heights
Golf and Country Club for the following reasons:

   1. It will reduce Hetch-Hetchy usage by 4.4%, saving that water for
   drinking etc by using groundwater instead.
   2. Consistent with the Public Works recommendation to develop
   groundwater wells to help in times of emergency or drought.

There is plenty of groundwater - I calculate from the report that the
Country Club well would represent only a 5.3% increase over the current
groundwater pumping plus discharge, leaving a margin of from 1.9 to 5.6
million gallons per day.

In conversing with some opponents of the well there seems to be a lot of
misinformation, including:

   - Inevitable tree death - FALSE - this was based on someone's experience
   with pumping out a construction site to build a basement. A groundwater
   well goes much deeper and will not affect the root zones of any set of
   trees the way a basement sump pump does.
   - Probably subsidence - again FALSE - a groundwater well taking .14mgd
   will not affect the ground level water enough to cause subsidence.
   - The well is on a public property but is for the benefit of a private
   entitiy. Water is everyone's problem, and relieving the demand for
   Hetch-Hetchy water at a time when we really need it benefits us all. A;so
   the well would water Lyle and Nealon park, thus providing a *direct*
   public benefit.
   - The well is being paid for with public funds to benefit a private
   entity - FALSE - according to the report, SHG&CC has offered to pay for
   construction and ongoing operating overhead. Help solve our water problem
   and have it paid for by SHG&CC? Why not?

It might be good to stipulate gray water recycling be used before they can
buy any more Hetch-Hetchy water, and that the well water can be diverted
from the Country Club use in case of emergency or to make any water
shortfall should SFPUC reduce Menlo Park's allocation.


Roger Knopf
190 Pineview Ln
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Mon Jun 02 2014 - 18:59:16 PDT

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