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MPCD Forum: The End of The World (As We Know It)? .

From: domainremoved <dana>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 09:28:01 -0700

Menlo Park Residents:

I received a recent SaveMenlo mailer (below) that asks residents to either
sign its initiative petition NOW or suffer dire consequences (if their
petition fails).

So how should concerned, level-headed residents respond to such hyperbole?
Should wild shape assertions influence their decision to either support or
oppose the Menlo Park Specific Plan and the proposed Stanford project which
complies with it?

I have just published the MPCD Forum (MPCD), a convenient source of
reliable information about Menlo Park’s official development plans for
downtown and El Camino, Stanford’s current plan to develop its property in
the 500 block of El Camino, and a proposed initiative that would modify the
Specific Plan in ways that dramatically impact future commercial

Learn More at MPCD

Best Regards,

Dana Hendrickson
MPCD Forum
Menlo Park Resident
For over 30 Years

Please share this email with your Menlo Park friends and neighbors.

The mammoth scale of proposed high density office complexes in Menlo Park
will negatively impact your quality of life, your property values, your
commute in traffic home, and the biking and walking safety of your family.

Please send me a message if you do not want to receive future MPCD Forum

(image/png attachment: SaveMenlo_Mailer.png)

Received on Tue May 06 2014 - 09:26:18 PDT

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