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Stop signs on Wallea Dr.

From: domainremoved <Bob>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 15:59:41 -0700

I am Bob Caletti and I live at 605 Wallea Dr., Menlo Park (corner of Wallea
Dr. and San Mateo Dr. nearest Middle Ave)


I was at the Transportation hearing and this is what I got:

. First off there was only one complaint filed in regard to safety
at that corner

. I didn't get that there was any confusion from drivers, there are
many intersections in Menlo Park like this and they don't have stop signs

. The sight distance on Wallea Dr. looking down San Mateo Drive is
at least 300 feet which seems more than adequate

. I have lived on this corner nearest Middle Ave for 44 years and
there has never been an accident there

. This is a bike route and there has never been a bicycle accident
on this corner either

. I have raised 5 kids at that location and never felt it was unsafe

. Do we put stop signs everywhere someone complains, even if there
has never been an accident there?

. There is light traffic on Wallea and it does not warrant a stop

. This proposed action is an overreaction to a complaint

. The traffic commission said they didn't want to put a burden on
the residents yet they are willing to do so with only one complaint filed

. The traffic commission stated that because someone filed a
complaint they would be liable if someone got hurt-I doubt that one
complaint would make the city liable

. Putting stop signs everywhere degrades the city, creates increased
pollution, and noise

. The City should do a survey of the people on Wallea Dr. to see how
many object to adding stop signs

. If the Traffic Commissioners had come out and actually seen this
corner they would have realized that it is safe


Thanks for your consideration,


Bob Caletti
Received on Sat Apr 26 2014 - 15:53:43 PDT

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