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From: domainremoved <Ed>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 16:03:15 -0700
My friends,

I strongly oppose HR29, a bill to prohibit outsourcing by cities: Thanks for listening.

.. Ed Brink
Menlo Park resident since 1969

Today Lee Duboc wrote:

Fellow Residents

Along with our very own League of California Cities, I ask the City Council to publically oppose HR29­a resolution that prohibits all future outsourcing by cities.

How would such rushed and ill-conceived legislation affect Menlo Park? Would it mean, for example, that we could not renew Tim Sheeper’s contract for running the Menlo Park Swim program­the best swim program this or any other city has had.

Does it mean that we are stuck with underperforming and overly expensive child care program? Or that we have to hire lots of maintenance workers to maintain our median strips.  Many of our maintenance workers already make $76,000 a year,  have month long vacations, and excessive retirement benefits that are costing the city more and more.

What happened to the admonition by former Democratic New York Governor, Mario Cuomo: “It is not government’s obligation to provide services, but to see that tey are provided.”*

The proposed legislation is scary and must be stopped right now. I will be watching this and I will let you know whether our city council members do the right thing.

If you too are concerned, let them (and me) know. Received on Thu Apr 10 2014 - 16:02:23 PDT

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