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Belle Haven AfterSchool Program at Onetta Harris CC

From: domainremoved <Jeri>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 15:20:29 -0700

City of Menlo Park

Mayor Kirsten Keith and Council Members,

I write to you today regarding the cuts or propose contract with the Boys and Girls Club to service the current Belle Haven Afterschool Program.

One size doesn’t fit all, do not get me wrong I am not taking anything away from the Boys and Girls Club they offer a good program which fits a large number of kids but for some the fit is not right. For the kids that the fit is not right they can be found at the Belle Haven Afterschool program. Their numbers may be small which is not all bad from the families’ perspective that unitizes the service it fits their child’s personality, some children need small environments vs. a larger one. These parents do not mine paying more than the $50.00 annual membership fee offered by the Boys and Girls club, their budges allow them or they sacrifice to pay anywhere from $60.00-$450.00 per month at the Belle Haven Afterschool program. It’s what is best for their children that matters!

The Belle Haven afterschool program fills a gap where the Boys and Girls programs do not for instance the Boys and Girls Club follows the Ravenswood City School District calendar, not all children in the community attend Ravenswood Schools. Some attend Beechwood School and various schools under the Tinsley program. When Ravenswood students are out for winter and spring breaks or have minimum days the Boys and Girls club is open to service them but when Beechwood and Tinsley students are out the Boys and Girls club is not open; these are the students Belle Haven Afterschool program is open to and service!

I may be wrong but I believe the Boys and Girls Club academic component is geared towards the Belle Haven school/Ravenswood District standards whereas the Belle Haven Afterschool program works with students, teachers and parents from Beechwood and the many schools that service the children in the Tinsley program.

Ravenswood kindergarten students attend school all day and are service by the Boys and Girls Club but students in the Tinsley program attend kindergarten half a day, the Boys and Girls club is not open to service these children but the Belle Haven Afterschool program is open to service them. These are a few examples of what I meant by one size doesn’t fit all. I can go on as to why the Belle Haven Afterschool program is needed but I hope you get the picture.

One more item… The staff report mentions the savings includes a .75 at will employee; it did not mention the other five part-time at will employees who will become unemployed – three with over 7 years of service to the city and three of the five have been with the city since high school.

Please think long and hard before you make a decision because our children and families are depending on you.


Patricia ‘Pat’ Watkins

Belle Haven Community Resident
Received on Tue Apr 01 2014 - 18:58:49 PDT

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