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Fwd: Let's label GMO foods in California!

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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 19:11:48 -0400

Hi Again ,

Tomorrow is another big hurtle in the fight to our rights for food labeling ... amazing, considering how many people have already stated they want it, - whether or not GMOs come or go, -( incredible as it seems since NO formal testing has been done in this country except by Monsanto, since its their patented product - FDA just accepts their word... , contrary to studies done in many developed countries around the world, shameful)-
Tell the FDA: No Watered-Down, Voluntary Federal GMO Labeling Rules! - See more at: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50865/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=12702#sthash.fn8WB4Hc.dpuf ,-
now they want voluntary labeling ... thats as clear as mud to some, but to the wise it means, No labeling of anything the food manufacturers don't want us to know about, whatever it might be , now or the future.
And hand in hand with this thought process, did you hear about how the Grocery Manufactures Assoc. and the USDA wants to turn over the Poultry inspections to the Poultry industry?
Hey, lets just all open food, banking, auto repair, appliance repair and whatever else we can think up, businesses and voluntarily inspect and hold ourselves accountable ... Anyone else in on that ? Or anyone heard of, or been affected by, any problems concerning anything like this ? Hmmmm... There is supposed to be laws , rules and regulations in place, as well as offices and people that work in these places we pay for to take care of those things, and they can't and don't even keep up. Should get all our $ back from the fat cats and their pensions, because it turns out they were using the info. provided them, 'free' ... REALLY?


the congress is voting again On an Agricultural bill ... remember these are not just for farms .. in these are also protected lands, parks ( In our communities, if cared for by park service) institutional grounds(vets hosp. parks, school) The original dubbed " Monsanto Bill" was" slipped" in last minute, voted on and then we found out it gave Monsanto the power to plant anywhere they wanted and NO COURT IN THE US could stop them- Next to Organic farms, one spray, gone-, protected lands etc... We must be vigilant and not let this kind of a thing happen again as well as undo damage.
Anything where they can plant or spray their chemicals that kill , Bees, sterilize other plants, kill weeds( Round up) ... Plants planted from stores that are selling non organic flowers , bushes ... They don't make these things clear do they? Nope, Monsanto has all that tangled up in the GMO ... It has a terribly wide net!!!

Please act!

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Sent: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 3:25 pm
Subject: Let's label GMO foods in California!

The fight for our right to know in California isn't over.

A vote is slated tomorrow in the state Senate Agriculture committee on a bill
requiring labeling of genetically engineered food sold in the state.

We may have narrowly lost at the ballot box in 2012, but this time, Monsanto,
Dupont and others can't dump millions of dollars on negative TV ads to sway
voters. This time, it's up to our elected state lawmakers to listen to what
constituents want.

I just sent an email supporting GE labeling to my state Senator. You can do the
same by going to Consumers Union's website they will automatically get your
message to your Senator.

Make sure you act today, because the key committee vote is tomorrow. If we lose
here, it could be the end of our chances for labeling for the year.

Thank you!


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