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CJCJ partnership wins a good government award!

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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 16:03:06 +0000

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March 31, 2014

In this issue:
Legal Education Advocacy Program (LEAP) wins award!CJCJ testifies at
the legislature's justice reinvestment hearingJustice Policy Journal
(JPJ) Spring 2014 out nowWe're hiring! Please circulate widely

Legal Education Advocacy Program (LEAP) wins award!

LEAP was awarded the 34th Annual Good Government Award for managerial
excellence by San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR)

(Jennifer Paschal Bruce Forrester Photography, 2014)

Through LEAP, the San Francisco Public Defender's Office and CJCJ
work collaboratively to improve educational outcomes for
justice-involved youth. The LEAP program is now in its second year
and serves up to 100 youth annually. Of the youth who have been
through the program, only 13% have reoffended.

http://cts.vresp.com/c/?CenteronJuvenileandC/22537d7099/5b867647d4/b85532a528/utm_content=city.council%40menlopark.org&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Text%20Version%20-%20Link%202&utm_campaign=CJCJ%20partnership%20wins%20a%20good%20government%20award%21 Learn more about LEAP >>

On March 11, 2014, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR)
http://cts.vresp.com/c/?CenteronJuvenileandC/22537d7099/5b867647d4/34a6b6664f awarded one of five annual Good Government Awards to LEAP for its
contribution to public safety and youth investment. The Good
Government Awards honor San Francisco employees who perform
exceptionally and act as models for other jurisdictions to learn

Watch a video -
http://cts.vresp.com/c/?CenteronJuvenileandC/22537d7099/5b867647d4/5b7e9b5b7b about LEAP featuring CJCJ's Educational Advocate, Marc Babus, and
CJCJ's Board Member and San Francisco Juvenile Public Defender, Patti

CJCJ testifies at the legislature's justice reinvestment hearing

Assembly Select Committee on Justice Reinvestment acknowledges
critical need for data-driven decision making

On March 18, 2014, California's Assembly Select Committee on Justice
Reinvestment heard testimony from juvenile justice experts on what
the state could do to improve public safety outcomes for youth.

CJCJ's Brian Goldstein testified on the importance of strengthening
data collection systems, elevating innovative community-based models
of care, and integrating best practice requirements into state
funding allocations. The concluding panel raised up the voices of
youth who had been impacted by the system. Learn more >> -

Overall, the hearing demonstrates that the legislature has not
forgotten about juvenile justice reform. As the legislative session
moves forward, policymakers and advocates must continue to highlight
issues of data collection and accountability to ensure California
keeps moving towards a 21st century juvenile justice system.

Watch the hearing >> -

Justice Policy Journal (JPJ) Spring 2014 edition out now

JPJ Volume 11, Number 1 includes six articles on international and
domestic criminal and juvenile justice issues.

Articles in this edition include examinations of the nexus between
immigration and criminal justice, disproportionate
justice-involvement among the American Indian population, and modern
developments in prison architecture and design. This edition also
features a special contribution of poems from a former prison guard.

Read the latest edition of JPJ >> -

We're hiring! Please circulate widely

Want to join the CJCJ team?

The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) is a nonprofit
organization whose mission is to reduce society's reliance on
incarceration as a solution to social problems. CJCJ is currently
hiring for three positions:

Children's Waiting Rooms (CWR) Childcare Specialist. Sentencing
Service Program (SSP) Policy and Program Specialist.Community
Assessment and Service Center (CASC) Transitional Services

View job postings >> -


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