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Re: Not one drop of water saved...

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 14:20:00 -0700

Dear Environmental Quality Commission,

Water is a complicated issue and last night you not only understood many
aspects of water use, management, distribution, conservation, and
development impacts on water supplies, but you were able to wade through
graphs, charts, and the many details and resident concerns that came before

In addition, I applaud your decision to protect a precious natural resource
as well as Open Space and Conservation District and City Parks by your
strongly worded recommendation to the Menlo Park City Council to cease all
work on the potential well project and MOU with the private Sharon Heights
Golf and Country Club. Not to mention the time and money Staff has spent
on this project.

Residents also appreciated your including overwhelming resident objection
to the project and the principal of putting a private well in a public part
to take a natural resource benefiting few but the Country Club. Residents
felt our objections were being ignored, omitted, and dismissed in this

It is my hope that the Staff will investigate putting smaller individual
wells in the parks to water only the parks. I believe the cost benefit
analysis of such a scheme should be studied as an alternative to Hetch
Hetchy use, and that the money saved should be put toward continued water
conservation incentives and or adjudication of the aquifer in San Mateo

Again, thank you for your sound reasoning, decision making process, and
your very clear direction to Staff and Council. And, thanks for listening
to the residents.


Elizabeth Houck

On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 6:25 PM, Elizabeth Houck <elhouck_at_(domainremoved)

> Dear Menlo Park Environmental Quality Commissioners,
> Please keep the following in mind when you read the 26 page long staff
> report on the proposed PPP with Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club and
> MPMWD in preparation for your meeting on Wednesday, March 26th.
> - no mention of 100% neighbor opposition of this project
> - no mention that this is not a permitted use of the Open Space
> Conservation District Nealon Park
> - failed to do what EQC asked Staff to do - create a comprehensive gray
> water plan and adjudication of the aquifer in SMC
> - no mention of crossing water districts with Cal Water (illegal) without
> an agreement
> - no mention of other development (Specific Plan - Stanford) wanting
> ground water
> - no mention of letter from Water Rights Attorney opposing project
> - no mention of pending law suits against over-use of this aquifer
> - no mention of problems finding ground water for Emergency Wells
> - why is there no City Staff advocate for Residents position? Why is
> this weighted to PPP? And not Public??
> Why are we wasting more Staff time and our tax dollars with a project that
> should have been a non-starter in 2010?
> Elizabeth

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