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Fwd: Please stop spraying Round-Up in our parks!

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 12:27:26 -0700

Dear City Council,

Use of toxic herbicides like Round-Up should be banned in Menlo Park. At
the very least, stop the blanket spraying in parks, tot lots, nursery
schools, where kids, dogs, and people play. I and many parents were
absolutely appalled at the recent spraying in Nealon Park.

At the very least we should be notified before this toxic, bee-killing
substance is forced upon us down-wind. Not to mention this flowing into
our ground water and into the Bay.

It's my understanding California law requires signs to be posted 24 hours
prior to ourdoor pesticide applications and remain for 72 hours. Further
research and informing of the Maintenance Department about the laws
governing pesticide applications should be undertaken.

From a fellow beekeeper:

I have followed the debate on Roundup. I am a bee keeper and also work in
the health care field. Health wise the only studies that are coming out
about Roundup being safe are funded by Monsanto. Europe is way ahead of the
US in it's research into the detrimental health effects of Roundup
accumulating in our environment. Monsanto claims that the product breaks
down very rapidly but independent studies have shown it can remain in the
soil for up to 25 years. It disrupts metabolic pathways. Since many other
organic molecules and minerals participate in our metabolic pathways,
casting it into our environment is basically a huge chemistry experiment.
As such you get surprises and unexpected results. Some you would like to
avoid and not perpetrate on your neighbors. That every top official
appointed to our government in recent years to protect our food supply has
been an ex-executive of Monsanto and will probably return to Monsanto when
their tenure is over, gives me reason to be very cautious of any assurances
they issue as to the safety of Roundup or its companion product GMO plants.

Also of note, since scientific research funds are often limited and
controlled by government grants, it can be professional suicide to go
against these big agribusinesses. This is a great story of a local UC
Berkeley scientist if you are not familiar with him and his crusade to
expose the dangers of another herbicide.


This is a very interesting article not directly related to bees but is an
example of the difficulty in bringing new information forward. Researching
a new type of pollution in the feedlots of Colorado, they were almost
prevented from receiving their PhDs. because of the economic implications
of their research.



Elizabeth Houck
Received on Sat Mar 22 2014 - 12:27:26 PDT

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