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Time-sensitive - Dumbarton Rail - don't permanently give away $91 Million

From: domainremoved <Adina>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2014 17:08:49 -0800

Dear Council Members and Menlo Park Staff,

As you may know, the MTC is reviewing transportation projects that are not
moving forward currently, including Dumbarton Rail. That project was
stalled following the failure of the last Alameda County transportation
ballot measure which would have funded it.

As recommended by the Dumbarton Rail Committee on which Council Member
Keith serves, MTC Programming and Allocations is proposing to re-allocate
$34 million to purchasing express buses currently serving the corridor, and
to Caltrain electrification. This is a good recommendation.

In addition, however, they are proposing to permanently allocate $91
million - which was borrowed for the BART to Warm Springs project with the
intention that it would be paid back - and dedicate the $91M to the BART
project permanently.

We understand and agree with the need to re-allocate the $34 million to
Caltrain and express buses. We do not support forgiving the loan. RM 2 is
funded by bridge users and voted in to relieve transbay transportation
needs. The Dumbarton corridor is severely congested as it serves the
employment centers of Silicon Valley, including Facebook and the M2
district. We need to keep the plan of Dumbarton Rail alive and move it
forward, not kill it.

Express buses are fine as interim solution but we will eventually need rail
across the bay. Please do not eliminate the $91 million debt - we will
need it in the future.

The schedule is as follows:
March 5 (tomorrow) - committee action to approve start of public hearing
April - public hearing
May - Staff report with recommendations. Allocation to some projects as
requested by sponsors.


Can Menlo Park please weigh in with the MTC and urge them to keep the $91
Million for its needed future use on the Dumbarton Corridor.

Thank you for your attention,

- Adina

Adina Levin
Friends of Caltrain
Received on Tue Mar 04 2014 - 17:08:33 PST

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