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Heritage Trees at Sharon Green Apartments

From: domainremoved <Linda>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 00:10:02 -0500

Your Honorable City Council Members,
Next Tuesday, 4 March, you will be considering a request by the Sharon Green Apartment owners to cut down over 40 Heritage Trees. I strongly encourage you to deny this request for the following reasons:

1) Menlo Park is well known for its stunning tree lined streets and wooded character. Removing this quantity of mature trees will undoubtedly change the character of the neighborhood for the worse, and not fit in with Menlo Park's general character.

2) In a time of climate change it is irresponsible to take away trees which are mature and contribute to cleaning the air. What will be put in place will instead add to climate change.

3) The amount of wildlife that uses mature trees can never be accommodated by replanting with spindly young trees. Loosing the wildlife will affect a much broader area than just the Greens. We have already lost quite a bit of open space with the developments along Sand Hill Rd.

4) Do the residents of Menlo Park want this kind of development? If the residents are opposed, then you are not serving your constituents. All the Menlo Park residents that I know greatly value the trees in the city.

5) The change the developer is proposing is PERMANENT. You can never get those trees back once you cut them down. The wildlife change is permanent. The soil biology change is permanent. The character change is permanent.

Thank you for reading and considering my comments.
Linda Drey-Nightingale
Received on Thu Feb 27 2014 - 21:09:32 PST

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