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Surf Air: Same house, four times in 2 days

From: domainremoved <Tyler>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 14:39:45 -0800

Mr. Eyerly,


David Cole, Director of Operations of Surf Air, is recently quoted in the
press as trying "not to fly over the same house twice in the same day".
Your company's aircraft flew over my house, and a lot of other Menlo Park
houses, twice today at approximately 11:01 and at 12:12, only 71 minutes


My home is located 5.2 nautical miles from San Carlos Airport. Given that
the diameter of a circle with a radius of 5.2 nautical miles is over 16
nautical miles, it's reasonable to conclude that Surf Air was not trying
very hard when it chose exactly the same point on that 16 mile curve to
leave the circle.


These two screen captures provided by San Francisco Airport should look very
similar to you. They show URF64 and URF8 flying almost identical paths over
Atherton and Menlo Park.





Before you blame the FAA's NORCAL TRACON, let me give you some additional


Twice on Thursday morning, within 54 minutes, URF1 and URF21 also flew over
our neighborhood. I documented those flights in an email complaint to Cory
Cozzens and officials from San Carlos Airport.


Mr. Eyerly, our neighborhood is almost entirely residential. We have a very
low ambient noise level. With doors and windows closed, we can hear every
commercial aircraft bound for SFO and OAK, and every prop plane from Palo
Alto airport buzzing overhead.


We do not need, nor want, additional noise pollution from Surf Air's planes.


Please walk the talk and solve the problem you have created.


Tyler Cobbett

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Received on Sat Feb 22 2014 - 14:39:30 PST

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