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SALE!!!! Up to 50% off repairs of barcode and point of sale products

From: domainremoved <Bobby>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 15:33:03 -0500

Menlo Park Customer Svc
Winter sale: Up to 50% on all repairs for current or new customers. Call Bobby Rose at 904-249-3862 ext 100 and you must ask for your WINTER SALE DISCOUNT. No Limit. Get all the equipment repaired that failed during your sale events. Low prices, fast turnaround, & a 6 month warranty of parts and labor. The best repair service anywhere.
WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS, not only in Florida but everywhere.
I know it’s a new year for purchasing and you are very busy. I would like you to please remember us this year. We are a VA Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.
BAR CODE EQUIPMENT SERVICE LLC offers repair services and sales for all your bar code scanners(readers), portable barcode data collectors, barcode printers, receipt printers, RFID & IT products including major brands like Motorola, Datalogic, Honeywell, Intermec, Metrologic, PSC, Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Bixolon, Epson and more. Whether it is new or legacy equipment.
We also sell, train & install software like, asset management, inventory management, check in check out, bar code design & printing software.
Equipment failure can seriously impact your productivity and sales. Sending a piece of equipment to the manufacturer for repair can be most of time, costly and time consuming.
BAR CODE EQUIPMENT SERVICE LLC can help. We offer various repair services to meet your needs or can tailor a program to meet your requirements that is fast, reasonably priced with a 6 month warranty.
We also sell new barcode, RFID and point of sale equipment, software, design systems, install & train as well.
The Nation’s Leading Quality Depot Repair Center
A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business
Millions of Products Repaired Barcode & point of sale equipment
Depot Repair Service
This is our "in-house" repair service. BAR CODE EQUIPMENT SERVICE LLC has full-time repair technicians and full-time Technical Support Engineers ready to handle your repair needs. We take pride in our quick high quality repair turn-around time, typically 1 to 2 days if parts are in stock. Your equipment is backed with our 180-day warranty.

Comprehensive repairs - one vendor, one location

You could say that BAR CODE EQUIPMENT SERVICE LLC is in the barcode and ADC equipment business, but that's not quite true. We're really in the business of serving people who depend on data collection.
We offer multiple barcode, ADC, RFID, wireless, POS repair service options, but every repair begins with one consideration: your needs. That’s why we give you a selection of choices that allows you to balance cost, speed and convenience with your company’s scale and requirements.

Unlike manufacturers who repair only their own units, BAR CODE EQUIPMENT SERVICE LLC repairs barcode, laser scanners, computers, RFID, point of sale and data collection equipment from numerous manufacturers. Instead of cutting multiple purchase orders and chasing multiple vendors, you get a one-shop resource that helps you manage all your automated data collection (ADC) systems.
Repair service options at-a-glance
* Monthly Maintenance. A contract agreement that takes care of everything. You get a no hassle, fast service at a fixed price, calculated on a per-unit, per-month (PUPM) basis.
* Basic Flat Rate Service. A fixed-price, non-contract service appropriate for minor repairs that are not labor intensive.
* Comprehensive Flat Rate Service. The next level up in flat-rate repair, appropriate for services that require more technician time and more expensive parts replacement. When you send equipment to us, our technicians will promptly assess the repair and make a recommendation for either the Basic or Comprehensive Flat Rate Service based on the cost of the parts, familiarity with the product and the amount of labor required.
* Time & Materials Service. An option for customers who prefer to pay by the hour plus parts costs.
* Extended Warranty. When you buy new or Pre-Owned equipment, you can extend the original 90-day warranty up to a full year or up to three years.
* Customized Repair Service Solutions. We can develop a completely custom service program that will fit your particular situation. This program can include items such as specialized repairs, rapid-turnaround, loaner equipment and a custom fee schedule.
* Customized Spares Pool. If you have a large installation base and require timely return of your product, we can develop a Customized Spares Pool at your site to ensure that you have product ready to go if something breaks down.
· Service contracts are based on set quantities of specific products.
· Contracts are generally one year in length, although multi-year contracts are available.
· Each service contract is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to provide the best deal for you.
· Contract prices are based on a per-unit-per-month cost for each product, and parts needed to repair the number of failures expected during the contract period.
· Applies only to repairs requiring minimal technician time and parts costs.
· Examples include: replacing a scanner lens, handle board resistor or capacitor, or re-aligning a laser.
· Our most popular service.
· Great for small- to medium-sized operations.
· Turnaround time of 1-2 working days.
· Typically involves more extensive technician time and high cost of repair parts - those repairs that don’t qualify for Basic.
· Examples include: replacing a scan engine, Central Process Unit or memory board, or a radio frequency terminal that needs a new radio and/or display.
· We call first for authorization - if you decline, the product will be returned to you un-repaired
· Turnaround time of 1-2 working days.
· • Common solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses with more extensive repairs that cannot be handled in-house.
· BAR CODE EQUIPMENT SERVICE LLC offers multiple solutions to end-users, VARs, manufacturers and other service organizations. We’re responsible for keeping your mission-critical barcode, data collection, POS, RFID and other computer equipment up and running.
· Options
· Generally assigned to products that have expensive/costly replacement parts and extensive technician time.
· You’ll receive a no-obligation detailed quote in 1-3 working days after unit is received.
· Repairs begin only after you authorize the repair; if no authorization is received, unit is returned un-repaired.
· Minimum charge is 1 hour labor (evaluation fee); fee waived if repair is authorized.
· • Turnaround time of 1-2 working day after you approval.
· Offered at the time of product purchase; works to extend the warranty on your product.
· Calculated at a per-unit-per-month price.
· Original warranty on pre-owned equipment is 90 days; extended warranty is additional 9 months (totaling 1 year).
· You can also purchase extended warranties for second and third years on new and pre-owned equipment.
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Received on Tue Jan 28 2014 - 14:40:01 PST

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