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New O'Connor school

From: domainremoved <Carrie>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 20:16:34 -0800

Dear City Council Members and Menlo Park School Board Members,
My name is Carrie Farrell and I live at 175 Elliott drive. Thank you for
taking the time to read this email and for considering my point of view.

My family and I are very excited to have a new Menlo Park public school in
our district. My son attended Laurel and now attends Encinal and we have
been extremely happy with his education.

I am writing to ask you to please consider all streets and residents of
this wonderful city as equals. We all pay taxes and we all benefit from
this city. And, with the benefits come sacrifices, which we should all
share fairly as well. Oak Court has not had their part of the burden of
the current school. Now is the opportunity to take a fresh look at the
streets and do what is fair and right to all of the citizens on these two

I want to make two points as they relate to the traffic study that was done
for the school. The first is the premise that individual streets need to
have as little impact from their current conditions as possible. That
premise is not fair. Since Oak Court has zero traffic, any traffic on that
street is a huge increase. Since Elliott drive has all of the current
traffic, an increase in traffic on Elliott will not make as big of an
impact. This reasoning is not fair and sets the two streets up to be
status quo. That would be fine if the current condition was fair to all
residents but right now it is unreasonably skewed in the favor of Oak

The second point I wanted to make is about the graph that predicts how many
kids live within walking or biking distance of the school. Yes, they do
live within that distance, but, since most families have more than one
child, most families will be taking one child to Laurel and one to
O'Connor. This is not a similar set up as Oak Knoll which is a k-5. You
cannot bike or walk and get two or more kids to two different schools. So,
families who normally would walk or bike, won't be able to do that
logistically and get both kids to school on time. So, they will end up

Please come look at our street on a week day during school commute time.
 And, look at what the traffic looks like at Laurel and Encinal at the end
of the day when people are parked in their cars on the street blocking
traffic. Add, delivery trucks, buses, hot lunch trucks and all of the
other trucks that come and go and that is a lot of traffic on one small
dead end street.

I am asking you to please take a fresh look at this situation and try to be
fair to all tax payers. It is fortunate for the residents of Oak Court
that they have had a nice quiet street for so long, but it's time to make
it fair. Even allowing teachers to enter through Oak Court would be a

I understand that Elliott will always have the majority of the traffic, but
there are opportunities for Oak Court to absorb some of the traffic. I am
not understanding why Oak Court is so untouchable. Does it have a certain
status? Why is the school district almost apologetic for directing any
traffic (even 2 buses a day) through that street? I'm just having a hard
time understanding why Oak Court is being handled with kid gloves. We all
pay taxes. We all benefit from our city, and we should all share the

Thank you,
Carrie Farrell
Received on Sun Jan 26 2014 - 20:16:44 PST

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