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Facebook - Force or Folly ?

From: orink <">
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 23:23:31 -0800
Dear Sirs:

  It's Happened Again...

To:  Members of the Menlo Park, CA City Council 

From: Orin Keplinger

11365 Marengo Road

Garden Prairie, IL   61038-9347

Hi, Folks:  Is Mark’s PlayPen in the Park Playing Dirty ??

Please use your good offices and local influence to get the following situation corrected.

To Facebook in Menlo Park, CA : “No, Mark, I Do Not Understand”... Has Facebook Gone Crazy?

As of 2014-01-19, It’s click on the “Okay, I Understand” blue box Or Else - one is arbitrarily and immediately shut off from further use of Facebook and Timeline.  Indeed, one cannot use any useful part of Facebook.  This issue has been smoldering for several weeks.

  The Administration of Facebook has arbitrarily instituted a massive lockdown of all its Users’ abilities to use Facebook at all until these Users Blindly Agree, by clicking the blue box link, to this latest, poorly worded change in the structure of Facebook.  A user can seemingly still access areas within the Help and Support sections, but there is no real help there either.

  I, for one, do not understand anything about this latest draconian effort by Facebook to change how Facebook Works.  It arrives out of the blue, with no clear explanations, and summarily tries to make each user Lie or Die.  I just know I am now locked out of using Facebook.  What is Going On, and Who is Responsible?

As Ever, Orin Keplinger - A Simple FB User, Bewildered and Angry in America’s Heartland

  1. 2014-01-20_FB_OK__I_Understand.pdf
  2. 2006-07-20_0806hrs_Farm_with_Lightning_Strike_DSC_0004_edited-1.jpg
    (image/jpeg attachment: 2006-07-20_0806hrs_Farm_with_Lightning_Strike_DSC_0004_edited-1.jpg)

Received on Mon Jan 20 2014 - 23:24:04 PST

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