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Request to name San Mateo Drive Bike Bridge

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 01:20:13 -0500

Dear Menlo Park City Council,
This past November, my neighbor Mike Harding passed away. Mike was an
avid cyclist who worked passionately and tirelessly for the bicycle community
of Menlo Park. His untimely passing is a great loss to all of us. It is
my understanding that he helped to get the bike bridge on San Mateo Drive
approved, including helping to answer concerns of the neighbors to the
bridge. All of us who cross the bridge regularly are very thankful.
Please consider acknowledging and honoring Mike by naming the San Mateo
Drive bike bridge for Mike Harding. I think it would be a very nice tribute
for his many years of contribution to the city of Menlo Park.
I know there are others from Menlo Park as well as the bicycle committees
and groups Mike was a part of who support this and I ask you to put our
request on the City Council agenda for consideration.
Thank you,

Judy Leep
Received on Mon Jan 20 2014 - 22:20:22 PST

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