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Next CC meeting Item F-1 change of City Policy on rail

From: domainremoved <Morris>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2014 10:37:27 -0800

City Council:

I surely hope you will vote NO to a change in the City's policy which
says only 2 rail tracks will be allowed in Menlo Park.

The TA is essentially using blackmail to get a change in this policy
and the City's staff recommended change is "wrong headed"

First, I see no reason of another study of grade separation of
Ravenswood. This Ravenswood intersection is a disaster for sure and
must be changed. However, there is already a study (at least one)
that has been performed. There is absolutely currently no funding
possible to construct a grade separation. Another study should not
be done until funding for construction is at least on the horizon.

Second and really more to this point, there has been no proposal for
any passing tracks to be run through Menlo Park. Passing tracks in
Menlo Park make no sense on a operational basis, and have not been
proposed to be placed here. So why are they saying the MP policy
saying only 2 tracks, which is current City policy, is not acceptable
for a grant to do another (in my mind un-needed ) study.

My understanding is Mayor Meuller must recuse himself from this
decision because of a conflict ( City Attorney McClure also to be recused).

However, Mayor Meuller's conflict will expire shortly. ( I understand
he could participate in about 1 month). Surely this decision should
not be considered at this time when all the council members can
participate by considering this matter later.

Morris Brown
Stone Pine Lane
Menlo Park

Received on Sat Jan 11 2014 - 10:36:08 PST

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