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Menlo Medical COVID-19 testing tent next to residential area

From: domainremoved <Olga>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 14:54:18 -0700

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Hello, we are residents of Burnell Lane in Linfield Oaks and we learned yesterday that the COVID-19 testing flow and tent is just across our fence (in the parking of Menlo Medical Clinic) between Burnell and Morandi Lanes. We are very concerned and stopped opening windows that face that side or use our side yard (as when we are there there is not even 6 feet distance to the parking). I am 7 months pregnant with a toddler at home and there are 2 more houses sharing the fence (with elderly residents) as well as a communal garden where kids are still occasionally playing. We have called the clinic requesting to move the tent so that it will be further from the residential area especially given the big parking lot, but haven’t heard back and the tent is till there. We are asking on behalf of ourselves and other affected neighbors that Stanford/Menlo Medical redesign the testing flow so that there is a large gap between the tents and the residential area. As the virus is still relatively new, we can’t be cert
ain that it is not airborne and how long it can stay in the air or move with the wind. Having the testing area so close to our space seems like an unnecessary risk to take.

Hoping for your prompt action and thank you in advance,
Olga Maksin and Jose-Angel Herrero Bajo
151 Burnell Lane.
Phone number: 650-575-2394

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