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Protect families - Eviction Moratorium

From: domainremoved <Jen>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 09:13:07 -0700

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Dear Mayor Taylor and City Council Members:

Thank you for your service during this challenging time. You’re on the front lines of this fast-moving crisis, and we are very grateful for your leadership.

Because of our current health crisis, please pass a moratorium on evictions as soon as you can.

We need to look out for everyone in our community, particularly people who are most vulnerable in times like this. Please use your power to help our neighbors.

Please pass a policy that would:

  * halt evictions (due to non-payment of rent) until the COVID-19 emergency has passed
  * halt foreclosures (due to non-payment of mortgage) until the COVID-19 emergency has passed
  * protect tenants who do not learn of these emergency measures before their rent is due
  * include a requirement that landlords notify tenants of their rights during the emergency
  * include a “right to cure” for tenants allowing them to notify their landlord of COVID-19-related financial impacts up until the date of the actual physical eviction in non-payment of rent case

Thank you for your public service, especially in these difficult times.

Jen Wolosin

2 Alder Place, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Mon Mar 23 2020 - 09:15:32 PDT

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