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Please ban flavored nicotine products

From: domainremoved <Prouty>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 15:46:15 -0800

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I wanted to voice my support and commend City Council in moving forward with the ordinance to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes. We know youth access to these products is an issue in our community and across the country. Thank you for taking action to protect our youth from a lifetime of addiction.

As you move forward in this direction big tobacco will rear its head with misleading health claims that vaping can be a tool to quit smoking. This is not so, much of the early research that pointed in this direction has been contradicted and new research shows that this is the next huge health epidemic waiting to happen. The tobacco industry knew for years that it was killing its customers (and second hand smoke victims) slowly and did nothing. Please don't let this happen again to the next generation. Ban flavored tobacco products and make it as difficult as possible to purchase and use nicotine products. We know from the battle to eliminate smoking that every little barrier helps people not start using and helps those arelardy using to quit. Thank you.

Devin Prouty PhD
Senior Research Psychologist
SRI International
Menlo Park
Received on Mon Dec 16 2019 - 15:51:12 PST

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