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Facebook Village

From: domainremoved <Cherie>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 12:40:00 -0800

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Dear Council members,

As a longtime resident of Menlo Park, I urge you to just say NO to Facebook’s gargantuan development plan currently under consideration by the city. It is far beyond anything we’ve ever seen proposed for construction in our little suburb.

We are a city of approximately 30,000 people.
From reports I’ve read, Facebook’s “Willow Village” would bring an additional 30,000 employees to Menlo Park.
This is double our population!

There is no reason to allow this travesty, which would effectively destroy our suburban town.

Facebook can build in San Jose where there’s room, or elsewhere, including in other states.
We, however, have only this one small city to call our home.
It is your responsibility as our representatives—ours, not Facebook’s—to preserve our city and our quality of life.

It is beyond ironic that Facebook calls this gigantic project "Willow Village," as Menlo residents have long asserted in various community polls, that what we prize most about our city is its “village character.”

Of course we’re already on the path toward losing much of that tranquil character as Stanford’s massive project gets built along our short strip of El Camino Real, along with other multi-story developments that our prior City Councils failed to rein in.

Nevertheless, we’ve never seen a more disastrous proposal than that of Facebook’s Willow Village.
And now we learn that the land in question was a Native American burial ground.
It’s as if even these bones are crying out to be left in peace.

We certainly don't need to spend a million bucks on a fancy consulting firm to figure out the “environmental impacts” of this behemoth.

I’ll do it right now for free: Traffic will be a gridlocked disaster; our schools will be impossibly overcrowded; our infrastructure will be strained beyond capacity; upward pressure on housing and rents will spur an exodus of most of the people who work in retail, hospitality, teaching, nursing, restaurants, beauty salons, housecleaning, and more, including low income residents, retired seniors on fixed incomes, and young families wanting to buy a house.

Do the right thing, Council members.
Stop this juggernaut. Facebook will survive. And as long as you definitively reject the Willow Village project, Menlo Park will survive as well.

Otherwise, you might as well hold a renaming ceremony and rechristen our city as Facebook Park.


Cherie Zaslawsky
Received on Mon Dec 16 2019 - 12:40:00 PST

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