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Cleanup the city

From: domainremoved <Ron>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 11:26:43 -0800

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After reading the mayors “back on track message” in the Post today. I thought I would write a few comments.

It’s been sometime that I was told by the council, that the contracts with companies using the paper boxes would expire. (See boxes outside post office on Oak Grove, Trader Joe’s on Middle, outside Peats coffee on University and many more places) .That time has long gone and Menlo Park is still having these eye sores around. Where is the city pride?

The street on Menlo Ave. outside Dreagers is being repaired and filled in with asphalt instead of the original brick. There are plenty of old bricks in the outdated individual tree areas. The sidewalks are dirty and not steam cleaned. Are we as a city more interested in more $$$, New construction , than cleanliness?

 Where are the council priorities, “saving money “ as stated in the article and adding overhead,

It also seems like the never ending money pit (new children’s park) which has taken to long to complete. Is more important than keeping the city clean and safe. Not enough parks in Menlo Park already?

Helping to reinvigorate downtown in my opinion is cleaning up the area and doing the right thing to help promote the downtown as a destination.

With respect, as a resident.
Ron Silzer
900 University Dr #3
Received on Wed Nov 20 2019 - 11:17:54 PST

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