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From: domainremoved <Laura>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 12:08:20 -0800

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Last month two neighors and I received notice to vacate by the end of December. This is a four unit building and the fourth tenant has a lease. I have lived in Menlo Park for almost 20 years and in this apartment for over a decade. I bank here, use local physicians, pharmacies and grocers. I attend community events. We live in a quiet older building and I would not have planned on moving at this time. The landlord has left a message letting me know that because he has given us a break on the rent and because he has a health issue and wants to sell all his property that we should move out without causing a problem. I am 62 years old and in ill health. At the end of April I had my left leg amputated due to severe arthritis. I use a walker and am just learning how to wear a prosthetic. I am waiting for my social security to come through. Despite all this I have done everything that I can to stay in my apartment because I am at home here and in this community. Where would I go? I can't leave the area in the middle of a medical crisis and have to start anew with a different hospital and physicians. The only other medical center equipped to deal wiith my complicated situation is UCSF. There are two of us who are in similar situations here because we are seniors on fixed, limited incomes. For me trying to find a new apartment would be a nightmare. I don't and can't drive because of medical condition so how would I even find an apartment? It is not clear what the landlord's motives are. We do not know if he is actually selling the building or if he is planning to fix up our apartments and rent for higher rates. The landlord is not a resident of Menlo Park. The bottom line is that tenants need some protection in this very tough rental market. Between Stanford, Facebook and other large employers it is next to impossible to find a reasonable place to live and impossible in a short period of time. We have been good tenants and good citizens of Menlo Park and I ask that the City Council do everything it can to protect it's residents.

Laura E. Gates
Received on Tue Nov 12 2019 - 11:59:49 PST

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