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Re: BootUp

From: domainremoved <Andres>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2019 22:43:45 -0700

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Hi Deanna,

I'm guessing that nothing came out of these meetings or that once again BootUp lied. Since last July BootUp has been hosting an endless number of parties and events. Their presumed permit still pending and presumably in progress since last April (what I joke, really!).

Tonight BootUp had another party. It's 10pm and I've called the police because the music from their building is reverberating through my walls and windows. BootUp's constant violations are a public nuisance and an assault on people's right to enjoyment of their own property. It is utterly frustrating and really shameful that you, your department, and the City of Menlo Park has not been able to control this situation for 4 years now. At this point, I am just astounded at everyone in the City of Menlo Park by the utter unwillingness and inability to fully resolve this situation.

Andres Mediavilla

On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 11:25 AM Muenzer, Mark E <MEMuenzer_at_(domainremoved)
Hi Andres – Thank you for your email. City staff will visit the site soon to verify the fencing/screening to ensure it did not need a City permit. While the material/color can likely not be determined by the City, we can reach out to BootUp to see how long it will be in place and for what purpose. We are also scheduled to have an internal meeting next week to discuss how to best address the ongoing events.

Also, I will be leaving my position in Menlo Park as of Aug. 9th to become the Community Development and Transportation Director in Redwood City. Deanna and John will continue to be your City staff contacts. Thanks.



  Mark E. Muenzer
  Community Development Director
  City Hall - 1st Floor
  701 Laurel St.
  tel 650-330-6709
Received on Wed Oct 30 2019 - 22:35:32 PDT

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