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Resolution 6512 discussion -- Please fix root-cause problems

From: domainremoved <Lynne>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 10:25:53 +0400

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Dear Council,

I am traveling internationally and unable to attend your Oct 15 meeting. On my trip, I have seen several beautiful capitals thanks to visionary planning efforts.

We need a planning vision in Menlo Park that starts with a revision to the ConnectMenlo zoning ordinances. ConnectMenlo was only a plan to generate development money, despite its lofty sounding empty promises in its Guiding Principles.

The nonstop construction in District 1, without an overall plan, needs immediate remediation. Instead, of mostly office buildings and garages that area could have been developed into a beautiful Bayfront park such as what I have recently seen in Baku, Azerbaijan.

ConnectMenlo lacked accountability and a proactive plan to guide development in District 1. It is time to become a proactive, accountable, nimble and resident-focused city based on best practices used in other cities.

It has also been 4 months since Council's June 11 development moratorium discussion and yet little (if anything) has been done. The actions send a very loud message of "business as usual" to the residents.

I agree with Mayor Pro tem Taylor that the authority to appeal a project is not the same as being involved in the details of a project. I understand why she is asking for a review of Resolution 6512.

However, I believe the root-cause problem lies with the poorly conceived Connect Menlo zoning ordinances. The Planning Commission has flawed zoning to work with. While I understand temporary measures to get more control and public scruitny over large projects, the root-cause of the problems needs fixing. Let's openly discuss the elephant in the room.

Please establish an actual plan, and not just more talk, to fix the ConnectMenlo ordinances. Please also put new people in charge of doing so and not the staff involved in that effort.

I suggest that Council ask for resident volunteers to serve on a temporary working group. The group would make recommendations to Council for revisions to the ConnectMenlo ordinances and make recommendations for improvements as to how Menlo Park goes about planning and development.

If you like this idea, I would be happy to draft a proposal.

The Planning Commission's role could also evolve so that it does proactive planning along with reviewing projects. Those capable people could do more.

Lynne Bramlett
Received on Sat Oct 12 2019 - 23:19:09 PDT

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