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Comments on the TMP

From: domainremoved <menlo>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2019 12:34:26 -0700

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Dear Council Members,

Below are the substantive responses to the MenloFuture email titled "The Transportation Master Plan is ready for your comments."

1)The transportation committee rides bikes

Thank you, as ever, Lee, for your informational email. I've done my civic duty and commented on the site, but it does not allow for much real feedback.

I've lived in MP since 1966; my kids were born and raised here. I biked when I was younger (kids on my back -- not safe -- no helmets -- but that's what we did then). Now I'm almost an octogenarian, and hence it would be foolish of me to ride a bike. My husband and I donated ours to a good cause.

Like you, I am aghast that the plan does nothing to alleviate traffic on El Camino (a disaster in rush hour), and does not address parking issues (where will all the new residents park when we're all going downtown on a Friday night -- or where will WE park??).

This plan does nothing to make life better for me or for other elders (and I'm still spry, hiking, etc. -- what about those who are using walkers, etc.).

As we know, everyone on the transportation committee rides a bike. 'Nough said.
2)Politically Incorrect
However you use this or not, I just want to say:

- it feels to me like the loudest voices in Menlo Park are prioritizing bicycles vs. very real car issues
- people are fine with creating massive inconvenience for drivers if it serves their pet peeve (people drive too fast, need to save a big tree, kids on bikes aren't 100% protected from every driver)

I am a pragmatist who wants balance between the smooth flow of traffic, the reality of the fact that bikes will not replace cars for most of us, sustainability and ecology, and personal freedom.

I feel like if I were to express a point of view like this on nextdoor.com<http://nextdoor.com/>, it would be politically incorrect.

3)This plan will not help at all

This plan will not help at all. As you point out, it does nothing to improve traffic flow in the main arteries, really the most critical problem. And it does not really help pedestrian safety – I am a frequent pedestrian in Menlo Park and the biggest risk is continued lack of attention to traffic signals and code – cars not stopping at stop signs, cars not watching for pedestrians when they turn corners, cars running the lights after they have turned red. I do little cycling (mostly middle of the day on side streets in the area and infrequently) so cannot comment on the safety issues involved in that other than to say that cyclists also often ignore traffic signals and are a risk for pedestrians as a result.
The map supposedly showing pedestrian and cycling accidents was not understandable.

4)We need sidewalks more than bike lanes.

It doesn’t even really add any sidewalks! We need sidewalks even more than we need bike lanes.

5) the plan is basically a bicycle plan.

I agree!
> On Sep 19, 2019, at 6:06 PM, Menlo Park's Future <menlofuture_at_(domainremoved)
>> What is not so excellent, in my opinion, is the plan itself. It does nothing to improve vehicle flow on El Camino Real, nor does it address any parking issues. Except for important changes to Bay Road (which we have no way of funding), the plan is basically a bicycle plan.

6)Traffic is Peninsula wide problem

How can one town its make any real dent in the traffic issue? It is a Peninsula wide problem and can only be solved (if it can be solved at all) by cooperative decisions and funding.

7)Two Ideas
As you identified, traffic is the city’s number one problem, and it is only getting worse. More long time residents have commented that it’s time to move just because of the traffic. Moreover, I had email the previous Council and the current Council two easy traffic improvement ideas — 1) synchronize sequential traffic lights and 2) allow for a left turn on a flashing yellow arrow (similar to other states and comparable to the one at Costco and Oak Grove & Middlefield). For all the labor to put bike lanes in on Oak Grove, I rarely see any bikes using them maybe at school time. But the subtraction of parking on Oak Grove and on Santa Cruz Ave with the encroachment from local restaurants, we’re losing downtown parking.

Here’s one more — avoiding Ringwood from Middlefield to Bay when school is letting out — all the students from MA, with minimal regard for cars; parents lined up at Laurel School waiting to pick up their students and half blocking the roadway, and I never see a police of CSO presence to help facilitate traffic flow. I also like the signs by the MA gym - "No Parking Anytime” and anytime there’s a sporting event, cars are park in front of the signs.

How to help — look at the whole picture not just the squeaky wheel, implement simple improvements so residents know something is being done. If this is really a Transportation Plan and downtown parking and EL Camino traffic is omitted, the it’s an incomplete plan. I’m willing to drive a council member around and show them some of the frustrations of driving in Menlo Park.

8)No help for major senior segment
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I agree this plan does nothing to help people get from one end of our city to another unless you are young and a bicycle rider. It does not give any help to a major segment of the population which is seniors. WE USE CARS TO GET AROUND AND WITH ALL THE PLANING BASED AROUND BICYCLES AND WALKING, WE WILL HAVE LESS SPACE FOR THIS MODE OF TRANSPORTATION IN THE FUTURE.

 (79 years old) Part of the forgotten generation!!

The email

The Transportation Master Plan is ready for your comments

Fellow Residents

Traffic is Menlo Park's number one issue.

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP), initiated in 2017, is billed as a plan "to identify ways to improve Menlo Park's transportation network and make it easier to get around." Now the city is asking you to weigh in at its Online Open House<https://menloparktmp.participate.online/>. The comment period closes on October 11.

A very comprehensive map of the projects, their order of priority and the funds required for completion are included on this excellent website, assuming you know what the abbreviations mean.

What is not so excellent, in my opinion, is the plan itself. It does nothing to improve vehicle flow on El Camino Real, nor does it address any parking issues. Except for important changes to Bay Road (which we have no way of funding), the plan is basically a bicycle plan.

I encourage you to review and comment on the plan, especially the online project map.

And I would love to know your thoughts. How will this plan help you?


Lee Duboc (menlofuture_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Wed Sep 25 2019 - 12:26:47 PDT

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