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Reach Codes

From: domainremoved <Francesca>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2019 21:43:32 -0700

Honorable Mayor Mueller and City Council Members,

I am writing to thank you for your leadership on climate action, with the
proposed Reach Codes *(“updated building codes and local amendments to the
2019 California Energy Code to require higher levels of building
electrification and solar production for newly constructed buildings to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions”).*

*Adopting Reach Codes is the single biggest climate action that the city
can take this year.* Reach Codes enable all-electric, carbon free building
that makes our homes and buildings safer, healthier, and more affordable,
as well as helping us meet our climate action plan goals. It will also
future proof our city against expensive and uncertain supplies of natural
gas. This action makes Menlo Park a leader and role model for cities
throughout the region and beyond.

The Reach Code will benefit our city by:

   1. Saving money – *All-electric homes save at least $6,000 in
   construction costs.*
   2. Improving health and safety by avoiding indoor pollution and highly
   flammable combustion sources inside our homes & buildings.
   3. Making a highly visible and practical step forward to address the
   climate crisis, by breaking the cycle of fossil fuel dependency in
   buildings. *Each new electric home saves up to 4 tons of carbon per

All electric reach codes will be a strong market signal to spur development
of more carbon free, electric solutions for *existing* homes. I hope you
will *support the Reach Codes as an important climate action to phase out
fossil natural gas fuel use in our homes and buildings. *Let’s work
together towards a fossil free and climate-stable future.

I would also like to see if you can wean off gases as sources of the
electricity generation.


*Francesca Segre*

Francesca Segrè
Francesca's Linkedin <https://www.linkedin.com/in/francesca-segre-3695943/>
Received on Mon Aug 26 2019 - 21:36:26 PDT

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